altOur registered and protected Brand TURBO® is producing and selling on Swiss Market since 1992.

TURBO® ististististi is actibe in two different business fields

- Adhesives / Anaerobics
- Cleaning products / Nano-Surface Protection

TURBO®- Adhesives and cleaning systems can be used on different sections and fit perfectly to variable needs. This for consumer, craftsmen and for the industry.


Our range offers several special adhesives for big  universal applications with different materials.
We are permanently developping our products to become innovative and to incrase the gueing technics. With this progam we increase our quality and to become excellent.

Our SUPER BIO - Cleaning Concentration is a senseational unviversal cleaner, which you can dilute with water. This product contains no solvant, no phosphate, no alcohol and no ammoniaque and is biodegradable. You can use SUPER BIO in the household, craft and industry.

Our  NANO-PRODUCTS are tested for many years and permanently developing, so that all kind of products with fit perfectly to all kind of surfaces.

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